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Centers of Excellence

Access and Opportunity Center of Excellence

As a part of a 1.2 million MnSCU Access and Opportunity grant, Inver Hills is continuing to increase college awareness and readiness for junior high and senior high students in the East Metro area. Access and Opportunity personnel have consulted frequently with K-12 personnel (guidance counselors and instructors) to receive input into program offerings, and support service needs and design for high school students, recent high school graduates, and first-year college students. An intensive "in-reach" effort is underway with ten schools that provides college-credit courses for 11th graders and new graduates through programs directed at underrepresented populations that are less likely to go to college including low-income, first-generation, and students of color. For more information, visit the Access and Opportunity Center of Excellence website.

Report: FY11 Initiatives for Underrepresented Students

HealthForce Minnesota

Inver Hills is part of HealthForce Minnesota, a collaborative partnership of education, industry, and community,  that was created to:

  • increase the number and expand the diversity of healthcare workers
  • to integrate health science education practice and research
  • to build capacity for education and industry to collaborate to enhance patient care

HealthForce Minnesota is dedicated to collaborating with its healthcare and educational partners to meet current and future needs for educated and trained staff for the healthcare workplace. A number of MnSCU institutions participate in this partnership including Winona State University (lead institution).

Advance IT Minnesota

The mission for Advance IT Minnesota is to engage employers, educators, and learners to develop a more robust IT Workforce in Minnesota. We work to raise awareness and interest in high school students about MnSCU schools educational programs. We work to help current college students get real world experience, non-technical skills, and employment. We collaborate with employers and faculty to create timely, relevant learning opportunities.