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Current College Policies

Student Policies

Student Policies include the Student Code of Conduct, responsibilities and rights, and other issues related to student behavior, records, and communication between you and the college. In addition, Academic Policies and some of the Campus Policies below relate to personal conduct of students.

Access for Individuals with Disabilities
Campus Student Associations

Student Code of Conduct  icon_pdf
Electronic Signature Policy  icon_pdf
Senior Citizen Registration Policy icon_pdf
Student Data Practices Policy icon_pdf
Student Data Practices Procedure icon_pdf
Student Rights and Responsibilities
Student Residency Requirements 
Tennessen Warning: Data Privacy Notice Regarding Student Admissions and Registration icon_pdf
Transfer Rights and Responsibilities

Academic Policies

Academic Policies relate to grades, credits, academic honesty, progress toward a degree, and issues related to academic requirements.

Academic Integrity Policy  icon_pdf
Academic Renewal Policy  icon_pdf
Admission Policy  icon_pdf
Advanced Placement Credit
Advisory Committees icon_pdf
Class Attendance Policy  icon_pdf
Class Attendance Policy Procedure  icon_pdf
Course Syllabi and Course Outlines
Credit for Prior Learning 
Grade Appeal Policy  icon_pdf
Graduation Policy  icon_pdf
Human Subjects Research Policy
International Baccalaureate Credit
Post-secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) Program
Retroactive Course Drop Policy  icon_pdf
Satisfactory Academic Progress  icon_pdf
Transfer Credit Policy  icon_pdf

Campus Policies

Campus Policies relate to a variety of policies and procedures including use of resources, restrictions and concerns that affect health and safety, and other state and system-required policies adopted by the college.

Acceptable Use of Technology  icon_pdf
Access and Accommodation for Individuals with Disabilities
     Procedure for Reasonable Accommodations in Employment
Alcoholic Beverages or Controlled Substances on Campus
Chalking Policy icon_pdf
College and University Transcripts
Drug and Alcohol Free Campus icon_pdf
Election Activities on Campus icon_pdf
E-mail as Official Communication icon_pdf
Firearms Policy
Gift and Grant Solicitation and Acceptance
Graduate Follow-up System
Intellectual Property
Nondiscrimination in Employment and Education Opportunity
Parking  icon_pdf
Parking Procedure  icon_pdf
Policy Development icon_pdf
Posting Policy
Religious Observances and Beliefs  icon_pdf
Safety and Security Compliance
Sexual Violence Policy
Sexual Violence Procedure
Student Complaints and Grievances icon_pdf
Smoking and Tobacco Policy icon_pdf
Textbook Disposition Policy icon_pdf
Vendor and Solicitation Policy icon_pdf
Visitors and Animals on Campus  icon_pdf

Financial Policies

Student behavior and rights are governed by these policies and you are responsible for them. Petition processes, grievances, complaints are addressed within the policy statement in many cases. Also see  Petitions and Complaints.

Drop for Non-Payment Policy
Purchasing Cards

Travel Management
Tuition Refund, Withdrawal and Waivers
Special Expenses

Employee Policies

Drug and Alcohol Use by State Employee (#1418)