Tobacco Policy

On August 17, 2011, Inver Hills Community College will enact the 5.31 Tobacco Policy  a PDF document. This webpage details the procedure followed, feedback received, and research undertaken during the creation of this policy.

Smoking is allowed only in designated orange parking lots.

smoking allowed in these areas

Printable map of designated smoking areas a PDF document

From the President

Inver Hills Employees and Students,

Tobacco use on campus has been a topic of discussion at Inver Hills Community College for many years. In an effort to improve the situation on campus, the college and students have undertaken multiple initiatives.  The college changed signage, provided educational information about the harmful effects of tobacco use, and made available information about cessation.  Student leadership conducted multiple surveys, actively handed out cards showing designated smoking areas on campus, and conducted service projects to educate the campus about the need to use ash/cigarette butt collectors.

These efforts did not improve tobacco use compliance on campus.  Smokers continue to smoke in non-designated areas and the college continues to spend approximately $15,000 a year to clean up cigarette refuse.  Unfortunately, there have also been incidents of personal and college property damage as a result of carelessly discarded cigarette butts.

In Fall 2010, I created a Tobacco Policy Taskforce charged with drafting a policy to improve the situation on campus.  After months of work, multiple policy drafts, and abundant feedback from the campus community, the taskforce presented a final draft for consideration.  This draft was presented to the entire campus community:  the Student Senate, faculty shared governance, and representatives of the AFSCME and MAPE unions.  Based on the entirety of the feedback received and a commitment to a clean, safe, and healthy learning and working environment, Inver Hills will ban tobacco use on the main campus effective August 17, 2011.  Smoking will be allowed on four parking lots.

The decision did not come easy, but ultimately was made to promote the health, welfare, and safety for students, staff, and others on college property.  During the 2011 spring and summer terms, Inver Hills will educate current students and employees, make clear the college policy during new student orientation, and change signage on campus.


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Tim Wynes, J.D.
Inver Hills Community College