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Transfer Admission

Who is a transfer student?

Transfer students are students who have taken courses at other colleges or universities and are planning on receiving credit for those courses at Inver Hills.

Admission Steps

  1. Complete the online application.
  2. Send official transcripts from all previous colleges attended to Inver Hills. Inver Hills will automatically receive transcripts from MnSCU colleges and universities.
  3. Depending on your previous college coursework, you may be required to complete the Inver Hills Assessment. You will be notified by the Enrollment Center if you are required to complete the Inver Hills Assessments in Math and/or English.
  4. Choose from two orientation options:
    1. Online – I have completed 20 (or more) transfer credits, and am comfortable registering for classes through E-services by myself:
      Students must first take the Online Orientation. Once completed, your registration hold will be removed within 24 hours and you will be allowed to register through E-services. Details about how to register are a part of the Online Orientation.
    2. On-campus – I am a transfer student, but am not sure of the classes I should select, or the process for registration – I would like assistance from an on-campus orientation:
      Students (transfer or new students) may attend one of our on-campus Student Orientation, Advising, and Registration (SOAR) sessions. Sign up for a session online.
  5. Apply for Financial Aid / Payment Options

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