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Learning Communities

Learning communities are one of the best ways for students to take on challenging and important courses. By joining a learning community, you become part of a cohort with shared interests and goals. You can participate in fun and rewarding activities together and develop the camaraderie that can help you excel in your coursework. Instructors and peer mentors are there to help you understand the material, and you can collaborate with students in your cohort.

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Learning Communities

Contact Information

Lisa DuRose
Learning Communities Co-Director


Course Offerings

Upcoming LCOM Course Offerings

What's a Learning Community?

  • Learning Communities are small groups of students who share academic interests.
  • Students have at least two courses in common.
  • Students experience the variety of opportunities of a large school in a small, supportive environment.
  • Peer tutors help students learn.
  • Students participate in special activities and events.
  • Learning Communities have no extra cost!

Why should I enroll in a Learning Community?

Learning Community classes:

  • Have coordinated learning objectives and assignments.
  • Are led by experienced instructors who cooperate in planning their courses.
  • Help you get to know other students, since you take several classes together.
  • Meet degree requirements or prepare you to take courses that meet degree goals.
  • Make it easier to understand material by discussing it in a group with a peer mentor.
  • Give you a sense of belonging by providing peer and advisor feedback and support.

What's being said about Learning Communities?

"My experience was wonderful in the learning community and I believe it made my first semester easy, more fun and definitely more memorable."

"I found the learning community to be very helpful. It made it easier to find people to study with and the teachers did a good job of keeping the classes connected!"

"I really enjoyed being part of the learning community. For a first time student, it made me feel connected to the school and I felt I had a built in social network at the college. The teachers are also great."

How do I enroll in a Learning Community?

  1. Follow the admissions process.
  2. Review which learning community you would be eligible for based on your English or Math assessment.
  3. Talk with an Inver Hills Advisor.
  4. Register for a learning community during your Registration and Advising session.
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Course Descriptions

LCOM 0001  Learning Community   5.0 cr

Courses in the Learning Community have been chosen to increase student success in their first year of college. Students benefit from increased interaction with each other and their instructors. Student reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills are improved by the coordination of assignments and class activities among the instructors.

Upcoming LCOM Course Offerings

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Why Inver Hills?

Founded in 1970, Inver Hills Community College offers nearly 40 degree options, including an Associate of Arts degree with nine emphasis areas. The A.A. degree is an ideal choice if you are planning on transferring to a four-year college or university. You will save money and have the added advantage of working one-on-one with your instructors.

Inver Hills offers an Associate of Science degree that is designed for both transfer and entering directly into the workforce. The A.S. is perfect if you are looking for a balance between a liberal arts education and learning the specific skills you need for your future career.

Our Associate of Applied Science degree is made to order if you wish to launch your career as soon as possible. You can earn an A.A.S. at Inver Hills in an IT or business program, gaining the competence you need to quickly excel in these high-demand fields.

Designed for transfer, our Associate of Fine Arts, or A.F.A., degree allows you to establish yourself in one of three fundamental artistic pursuits: Art, Music and Theatre. Our Art department provides instruction in six important focus areas, including ceramics, photography and painting. Both the Music and Theatre departments deliver opportunities to participate in live performances, the former in ensembles, the latter in college-production plays.

College is one of the most important journeys of your life. By choosing Inver Hills, you will make the most of the experience and get your future aimed in the right direction. Learning Communities are a proven way to help you adapt to college life, excel in your coursework and make friends. Our focus is on providing top-notch academic support in concert with degrees that are both career-oriented and transfer-ready, and Learning Communities are an ideal way to advance that mission. We take pride in our gorgeous campus and the students-first philosophy of our faculty and staff. But most of all, Inver Hills Community College takes pride in the reason we exist: our students and our graduates.

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