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Coursework and the Associate of Science degree prepare students for paraprofessional careers and for transfer to four-year institutions. Students also may take Metropolitan State upper division accounting classes as part of a co-sponsored program.

A.S., Accounting

Program Planning Guide a PDF document

Purpose: This program is designed to prepare students for accounting paraprofessional careers and provide a fully transferable foundation for a four-year accounting degree at Metropolitan State University (Metro State). Credits earned also are transferable to other four-year institutions; students should consult with an Inver Hills counselor or advisor to confirm specific transferability to other programs.

Program Information: This degree program is fully accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs. As such, the accounting department has adopted a continuous improvement process centered on offering coursework that meets the demands of today's accounting and business environments. A wide variety of four-year college and university transfer opportunities are available to those completing an A.S. in Accounting. For more information, visit our transfer page.

Joint admission policies
  • Students may register for Metro State courses after completing at least 24 lower-division credits, including ACCT 2101 and ACCT 2102, with a cumulative GPA of 2.00 or higher.
  • Students may enroll concurrently in Inver Hills and Metro State courses.
  • All courses are scheduled to be offered at Inver Hills at least once each year, but students may take Metro State courses at other locations as well.
  • Students will register for Metro State courses directly with the university’s registration office and pay tuition and fees directly to Metro State.
  • Students may earn up to 80 semester credits at Inver Hills that will transfer to Metro State. This allows students to take the additional courses needed to complete the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum at Inver Hills. All transfer course grades must be C or higher.
  • Students are guaranteed admission to Metro State’s College of Management upon successful completion of the A.S. degree.
  • Students also will be awarded a two-year accounting certificate upon completion of the A.S. degree.

Students should be aware that due to federal regulations, Inver Hills cannot authorize financial aid for Metro State courses. If financial aid is required, it is recommended that students apply for financial aid through Metro State for the semester those courses are taken. Metro State courses included below may be taken as part of the A.S. program.

Accounting Curriculum (24-30 credits):

Course Number    Title Credits
ACCT 2101 Financial Accounting 4cr
ACCT 2102 Managerial Accounting 4cr
ACCT 2220 Federal Individual Income Tax 3cr
ACCT 2241 Accounting Computer Applications 3cr
BUS 1131 OR
BUS 1132
Legal Environment of Business
Business Law
BUS 1104 OR
BUS 1121 OR
Principles of Marketing
Principles of Management
3-credit ACCT 2000 level or higher1
ITC 1100 Intro to Computers 3cr
ITC 1131
Introduction to Excel
Intermediate Microsoft Excel
Total Credits: 24-30

Liberal Arts Curriculum (30-36 credits):

Course Number Title Credits

1It is recommended that students consult with a counselor about the courses and selection options. It is recommended that students intending to transfer to Metropolitan State University take ACCT 310 and ACCT 530 (Metro courses) at Inver Hills.

ENG 1108 Writing and Research Skills 4cr
ENG 1130 OR
ENG 1111 OR
ENG 1114
Effective Writing in Organizations
Research Writing in the Disciplines
The Research Paper
ECON 1105 Macroeconomics 3cr
ECON 1106 Microeconomics 3cr
COMM 1100 OR
COMM 1110 OR
COMM 2230 OR
COMM 2240
Interpersonal Communication OR
Public Speaking OR
Effective Communication in Organizations OR
Intercultural Communication
MATH 1103 Introduction to Statistics 4cr
MATH 1118 College Algebra 4cr
Humanities/Fine Arts/Literature (See Goal 6 of MnTC) 3cr
Liberal Arts Electives   3-10cr
Total Credits: 32