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Art courses range from introductory art and art history to beginning and advanced studio courses in ceramics, drawing, glass, painting, and photography. Focus is on historical, cultural, and contemporary perspectives including personal expression in the arts. Many students take art courses as part of their liberal arts requirements while others have taken their first two years and transferred to a four-year program for art. Some students take a few courses and continue their studies for non-credit. Inver Hills offers the Associate in Fine Art (A.F.A) degree. The art instructors actively exhibit their work both regionally and nationally and are excited about and knowledgeable in their field of expertise.

Associate in Fine Art (A.F.A.)

Program Planning Guide a PDF document


This program offers a two-year degree for students pursuing their Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and for students interested in entering the art job market. Students will take 30 credits in general requirements and 30 credits in art. A portfolio class in the final semester will prepare the students by teaching skills in documentation, resume, artist statement, and application to schools, jobs, grants and exhibitions.

Program Information:

The A.F.A. in Art Degree will give art students a strong foundation for transfer to a four-year institution. The focus will be on taking Art History, Introductory Studio Art, Design courses and two advanced courses in their area of focus. Students should be able to transfer with junior status to a four-year institution.

Art Curriculum (30 credits):

Course Number Title Credits
ART 1100 Introduction to Art 3cr
ART 1114 Drawing I 3cr
ART 1120 Two-Dimensional Color and Design 3cr
ART 1196 Three-Dimensional Design 3cr
Total Credits: 12
Choose 4 courses
Course Number Title Credits
ART 1106 Art from Prehistory to 1400 3cr
ART 1107 Art from Renaissance to Present 3cr
ART 1109 World Art 3cr
ART 1131 Digital Photography I 3cr
ART 2200 Ceramics I 3cr
ART 2207 Glass I 3cr
ART 2100 Sculpture I 3cr
ART 2251 Painting I 3cr

Take two of the following in areas of focus/interest:

Course Number Title Credits
ART 1115 Drawing II 3cr
ART 1132 Digital Photography II 3cr
ART 2101 Sculpture II 3cr
ART 2201 Ceramics II 3cr
ART 2217 Glass II 3cr
ART 2252 Painting II 3cr
ART 2295 Portfolio Development1 3cr

Liberal Arts Curriculum (30 credits):

Course Number Title Credits
1A portfolio may need to be submitted to the receiving institution. See counselor.
2See counselor for information on specific tracks for intended transfer institution. In addition to the requirements listed, two world language courses are encouraged. See counselor for requirements at intended transfer institution.
ENG 1108 Writing and Research Skills 4cr
ENG 1111/1114 Research Writing in the Disciplines OR The Research Paper 2-3cr
COMM 1110 Public Speaking 3cr
Lab Science (See Goal 3 of MnTC) 3cr
Mathematical/Logical Reasoning (See Goal 4 of MnTC) 3cr
History and the Social and Behavioral Sciences (See Goal 5 of MnTC) 3cr
The Humanities and Fine Arts (Fulfilled by art courses)  
Goal 7-10 Any Course (See MnTC) 3cr
Liberal Arts Electives2 (Restricted to MnTC courses) 8-9cr
Total Credits: 30