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Programs and Majors

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Associate in Arts (A.A.)
The Associate in Arts degree (A.A.) is intended primarily for students who plan to transfer to another college to complete a bachelor's degree. It is the most popular degree at Inver Hills. Associate in Arts degrees with emphasis include coursework within specific departments preparing students for that major at a university. Two-thirds of its credits are taken within the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC).

Career Programs
The Associate in Science (A.S.) degrees offer a balance between core career courses and liberal arts. The A.A.S. degrees are career-focused and are intended for those who plan on putting their skills to work immediately.

InverHills offers concentrated certificates that help students develop and refine their occupational skills.

Online Programs
Taking courses online can be a flexible option and some students prefer courses being delivered this way. Some of Inver Hills' degrees and certificates can be completed online.

ASAP (Adult Accelerated)
Designed for adult learners, this program offers accelerated classes and prior learning assessments which can award a student credit for demonstrating their life skills.

High School Programs
Are you in high school? These programs are for you.

Academic Departments
This section contains detailed information about each of Inver's academic departments including degree/certificate information and course descriptions.

Transfer Options
Learn more about what you can do with your degree after graduation.

Learning Communities
These are interdisciplinary courses that are linked together. A small group of students with shared academic interests are enrolled together.

Honors Contract
Offers specially-designated Honors sections of general and pre-major courses.

Community Based Learning
Opportunities for students who enjoy giving back while earning credit.

Open Enrollment
Non-credit courses, continuing education, and lifelong learning options are just some of Inver Hills' open enrollment options.