Contact Information

ASAP Program
Phone: 651-450-3000
Location: College Center,
Room 270 (Welcome Center)

Prior Learning Assessments

All forms, instructions, and schedules for PLAs are on D2L. All ASAP students can access them by logging into D2L and choosing the course "PLA Resource Room"

How to Get Started

Attend an information session or call to set up an appointment with one of our staff to discuss your educational needs. If you wish, an unofficial transcript evaluation can be done to help you understand how your credits will likely transfer (the official transfer evaluation is done in our enrollment center).

Students begin in our program by enrolling in two courses:

  • INTS 1010: Educational Planning and Assessment (3 cr.)
    You will learn more about higher education and, in turn, develop educational goals and an individualized degree plan based on your personal and professional ambitions. You will also analyze your life and work experiences that may translate into college credits through prior learning assessments.
  • INTS 1011: Prior Learning Assessment Development (1 cr.)
    You will further analyze and begin to prepare for prior learning assessments by developing narratives (papers) that describe your background, knowledge and skills in the subject matter.
  • To register, follow these steps:
  1. If you have never attended Inver Hills, you must first apply online to the college.
  2. For new students, we will register you for the class. Complete the "course registration form" available in the information packet available from our office.
  3. For current or returning students, call our office and tell us you want to enroll.
  4. Apply for financial aid, if necessary.
  5. Take the college assessments. Assessments in the areas of English comprehension and math are conducted at the Testing Center. Assessments are required for all students entering college, unless you have already completed college level math or writing courses. These assessments simply indicate whether or not the student must take preparatory courses offered at Inver Hills before taking a college level composition or math class.
  6. Show up for class and begin your journey!

You're Ready. We'll help you start... and finish.