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ASAP Program
Phone: 651-450-3000
Location: College Center,
Room 270 (Welcome Center)

Prior Learning Assessments

All forms, instructions, and schedules for PLAs are on D2L. All ASAP students can access them by logging into D2L and choosing the course "PLA Resource Room"


Prior Learning Assessments

Earn college credit for what you already know...

ASAP believes that learning takes place everywhere -- on the job, in the community, in the military and as a result of personal interest in a subject matter.

The prior learning assessment (PLA) process helps students match learning gained outside the classroom to actual college courses. First, we help you assess if a PLA is right for you based on your educational goal. Second, we help you enroll in a class to identify courses that you may complete via PLA -- demonstrating your skills and knowledge for academic credit. The demonstration process varies by course, but is usually in the form of written papers following specific guidelines as well as one-on-one or group meetings with an evaluator for the specific PLA.

Save time: Students demonstrate knowledge and skills they've gained via work and life experience instead of taking the actual course. This short cut will help you earn credits much faster to reach your goal, especially a 4-year degree!

Save money: PLA credits cost significantly less per credit hour than our average credit hour cost. Effective summer 2013, the cost per PLA credit is $100.00.

Areas of PLA - Credits can be earned in a wide range of fields.
Students may earn credits in areas of business, such as management, supervision, customer service, etc.; in communication, such as interpersonal, public speaking, etc.; in computer applications; and in a host of other areas.

Steps to enrolling:
  1. Attend one of our information sessions or, if you are unable to attend one, call our office and set up a meeting with our staff.
  2. Register for the INTS 1010 and INTS 1011 courses that will help you plan your degree and learn the PLA process.