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Program Overview

Faculty members in the Art department at Inver Hills are accomplished artists who are passionate about teaching. They exhibit their work both regionally and nationally, and are exceptionally knowledgeable in their fields of expertise.

Whether you are a novice sculptor or a future art historian, our instructors are dedicated to expanding your artistic world both creatively and professionally.

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Why Study Art at Inver Hills?

Bring your art to the next level and beyond.

The Transfer Pathway A.F.A. in Art is a pre-professional degree that's ideal if you plan on transferring to a four-year school to pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) or Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in an art-related major. Completing your A.F.A. in Art at Inver Hills not only gives you valuable experience learning from established artists, but also allows you to start earning your B.F.A. or B.A. with junior-year status.

Launch your career in the world of art.

Completing your Transfer Pathway A.F.A. in Art gives you the power, proficiencies, techniques, and know-how to find your niche as a creative professional in a wildly imaginative artistic universe where people produce, commission, present, preserve, promote, chronicle, evaluate, buy, and sell fine art.

Take your pick of tools and materials.

Our Art department offers in-depth courses in ceramics, digital art, drawing, painting, glass, photography, and sculpture. Courses are taught by artists with years of experience and success creating and exhibiting artwork in their favorite medium.

Find your artistic groove in the perfect space.

Our superb art facilities provide the atmosphere, tradition, tools, and technology you’ll need to propel yourself forward as an artist. As an Inver Hills art student, you’ll have access to a Ceramics Studio, Advanced Ceramics Studio, Drawing and Painting Studio, Sculpture and Glass Studio, Digital Photography Lab, and Art History Classroom.

Discover and strengthen your artistic talent.

Many of our students take art courses to satisfy their liberal arts requirements. They soon figure out making art is not only fun, but also a wonderful way to make friends and learn more about themselves. On top of that, research shows working on art projects boosts your brainpower and promotes your emotional well-being.

Build a solid art portfolio and learn how to exhibit your work.

Complete your Transfer A.F.A. in Art by taking a Portfolio Development course that teaches you critical business skills such as composing your art resume, preparing your artist statement, and landing and installing an exhibition.

Visiting artists as wells as Inver faculty and students showcase their work on campus.

Located in the Fine Arts building, Gallery 120 exhibits the art of notable painters, sculptors, ceramists, artisans, and photographers who have shown their work around the world. Art students at the college have opportunities to exhibit their own work in the gallery. Gallery 120 also hosts art sales throughout the year.

Art Career Paths

Art is skill, beauty, and emotion infinitely imagined.

According to Best Colleges, “Art careers encompass a broad field of subjects, from art history to interior design to illustration. Professionals typically choose a specific concentration in college and hone their skills for that particular industry.”

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