Criminal Justice

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Program Overview

The Criminal Justice department at Inver Hills provides distinct pathways to careers in corrections, peace officer, police officer, or policing.

Program coursework is designed to prepare you for a rewarding career in a number of criminal justice fields, including security, policing, courts, corrections, rehabilitation, crime prevention, and victim advocacy.

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Why study Criminal Justice at Inver Hills?

Explore a wide range of career options.

Completing this Transfer Pathway A.S. gives you a clear direction into corrections, including positions as a corrections officer, correctional treatment specialist, or juvenile probation counselor to name a few. You can also go into peace officer, police officer, or policing and land a job as a deputy sheriff, federal air marshal, DEA agent, and crime scene investigator for starters.

Crime never takes a day off.

Job stability is a major feature in the corrections and peace officer, police officer, or policing fields. Peace officer, police officer, or policing and corrections personnel are on the job 24/7, 365 days a year. Also, public sector employees—the bulk of hires in this sector—are not as easily affected by ups and downs in the economy.

Plenty of room for professional development.

Opportunities to grow both personally and professionally abound in both peace officer, police officer, or policing and corrections. Your career at any level—local, regional, state, and national—will only be limited by your drive to learn and quest to make a difference.

Say goodbye to a humdrum work life.

Are you put off by the notion of a lackluster occupation? Are you looking for challenges and the adrenaline surge of meaningful, dynamic work? Are you ready to solve problems in time-crunched, high-stakes situations? Criminal justice could be your ideal career choice.

Protect and serve is more than a motto.

At its heart, the criminal justice system is about keeping people safe. As a peace officer, police officer, policing or corrections professional, you will make it your life’s work to assist and defend others in consequential, constructive ways.

Help turn lives around.

Studying to become a corrections officer will give you the skill set to make a difference in a correctional facility as you work alongside certified corrections and peace officer, police officer, or policing professionals.

You know how to think ahead.

Solid benefit plans are important. Working in the criminal justice public sector means you’ll be in good shape regarding health insurance and a retirement system. You will also receive paid sick leave, paid holidays, life insurance, and assistance with training and tuition—the latter benefit frequently a vital component for professional development.

Criminal Justice Career Paths

Justice must work for everyone.

A career in criminal justice offers you the chance to serve your community, keep citizens safe, and change lives for the better.

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