Culturally Responsive Professional Peace Officer

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Program Overview

The Culturally Responsive Professional Peace Officer (CRPPO) A.S. degree and certificate lead you toward a career as a professional peace officer.

You can also broaden your approach to pursue advanced criminal justice studies.

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Why complete your peace officer studies at Inver Hills?

Take the lead in your profession.

Our mission: We are committed to developing leaders in the public and protective service profession through culturally responsive, transformative education and training.

Get ready to work.

Our vision: As innovators in education, who promote accountability, culturally responsiveness, communication, and integrity, we create public servant leaders who are prepared to work in and support communities.

Protect and serve all without exception.

Join the first cohorts of culturally responsive public servant leaders in the protective services and criminal justice fields. Be there for your community in troubled times.

Professionalism and peaceful are the hallmarks of an officer.

Bring your absolute best to your future career in the protective services. Accountability, compassion/empathy, integrity, cultural responsiveness, and interpersonal communication: our program was founded on these core values.

Follow your dream to go above and beyond.

Duty calls. Completing the CRPPO A.S. degree along with EMR certification and Skills training qualifies you to take the Minnesota Peace Officer Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.) Board licensing examination.

Fast-track your career as a protective services professional.

If you already have a bachelor’s or associate degree in any discipline from a regionally accredited college or university, you can earn the 28-credit Culturally Responsive Professional Peace Officer certificate in preparation to enter the peace officer profession in Minnesota.

Peace Officer Career Paths

Protecting and serving is a lifelong calling.

The Culturally Responsive Professional Peace Officer program and curriculum promote five (5) core values: Accountability, Compassion/Empathy, Integrity, Cultural Responsiveness, and Interpersonal Communication. These core values serve as the foundation for preparing future public servant leaders.  

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