English for Academic Purposes

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English for Academic Purposes

Are English for Academic Purposes (EAP) courses right for you?

You have arrived at Inver Hills with your own language. You may be learning English as your second or third—or perhaps even fourth or fifth—language. Your knowledge of multiple languages is incredible!

While you may have learned other languages first, you could need more development with reading, vocabulary, grammar, and writing skills in English. EAP courses focus on improving these essential academic skills while recognizing and honoring your previous experiences.

As you begin enrolling in classes at Inver Hills, you’ll be asked to answer questions about how long you have been in the U.S., whether you went to high school here, and what languages you currently speak. Your responses to these questions and your performance on placement tests will help us determine if you would benefit from taking EAP courses.

Why study English for Academic Purposes at Inver Hills?

Move quickly.

Students don’t want to take a lot of EAP coursework before getting into their major or transfer courses. Here at Inver, you can take EAP courses at the same time as your other courses, saving you time and money.

Learn essential skills.

EAP instructors know what skills you need for your other courses. You won’t get bogged down in a lot of worksheets and exercises. In the two EAP courses, we focus on essential skills that you can use right away in your other courses to be successful.

Get comfortable in college.

EAP classes are a great place to get used to college. The classes are small, so students and instructors get to know each other. Teachers also help you figure out how to use college resources like advising, tutor, and student clubs.

English for Academic Purposes

Our college is your college.

Are you multilingual? English for Academic Purposes (EAP) courses prepare you to read and write in English so you can achieve your highest success at Inver Hills.

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