First Year Communities

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First Year Communities

First year communities (FYCs) at Inver Hills offer you a great way to collaborate with other students. You will learn and succeed while having fun as a key member of a team.

As an FYC member, you’ll work with a group of students who share you academic interests and have at least two courses in common. You’ll be presented with a variety of opportunities ordinarily found at four-year colleges and universities, but in a smaller, more supportive environment—all at no extra cost.

Why participate in an FYC at Inver Hills?

What exactly is a first year community (FYC)?

FYCs are small groups of students who share academic interests. You have at least two courses in common. You experience large university-level opportunities in a small, supportive environment. Peer tutors help you learn. You participate in special activities and events. FYCs don’t cost extra.

How will enrolling in an FYC help me?

FYC benefits: 1) Coordinated learning objectives and assignments. 2) Experienced instructors applying cooperative course planning. 3) Shared classes making it easier to get to know other students. 4) Degree requirements are met. 5) Preparation for courses that meet your degree goals. 6) Group discussions and peer mentors help you better understand course material. 7) Sense of belonging provided by peer and advisor feedback and support.

Students love FYCs.

“My experience was wonderful in the first year community, and I believe my FYC made my first semester easy, more fun, and definitely more memorable.” — Inver Hills FYC student

First Year Communities

FYCs make studying fun AND more effective.

Boost your self-confidence, make new friends, elevate your collegiate game, and smooth the way to your degree and future career.

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