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History is the spirit of the past, the sovereign of the present, and the soothsayer of the future. Studying history helps you understand people, society, and events. Historians contemplate history as the laboratory of human experience. History at Inver Hills is your gateway to opportunity in both academics and your chosen career.

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Why Study History at Inver Hills?

Understand the kaleidoscopic mechanics of society.

History is a picture window that reveals the past beauty and struggles of peoples who once shared distinctive economic, behavioral, and cultural norms. Light from that window spills on the workings of our own society, giving us insights we can find no other way.

Recognize the breezes, gales, and blasts of change.

Bob Dylan once said, “There is nothing so stable as change.” Tell that to a society catching the brunt of change at its most turbulent. Studying history can give you a head start in preparing for the worst and best change has to offer.

Clarify your global, national, institutional, local, and individual identity.

History is the wellspring of identity both personal and collective. Without history, organizations and people have no reference points or memories to define and sustain their place in the world.

Preserve stories from yesteryear, centuries of yore, and primeval times.

People like going to museums for a reason. History, natural and human, is an irreplaceable treasure that must be safeguarded and passed on. In fact, the drive to preserve happenings of all kinds is so strong in humans, we’ve even created a Museum of the Future in Dubai.

Find inspiration for future quests and endeavors.

Who are the most inspirational and influential people of all time? Joan of Arc, Charles Darwin, Martin Luther King Jr., Amelia Earhart, J. K. Rowling, Albert Einstein, and Winston Churchill might make that list. Delving deeper, you will find that studying history reveals uplifting people and remarkable adventures at every turn.

Take heed and heart from hard lessons.

Things don’t always work out as planned. You can learn plenty from the mistakes and hard-won victories of the past. In other words, you can’t gain experience without history.

You don’t have to be a historian to take our history courses.

Earning your A.A. with Emphasis is not required to complete history coursework. You can add courses in this discipline to your academic palette to broaden your perspective and enhance your career options.

Become a better person in a grander world.

You can build up your moral reserves by investigating the life stories of people caught up in brutal circumstances that required brilliant ethical reasoning. Sometimes making the right decision can be next to impossible. History can show you how it’s done.

Race off to earn your bachelor’s degree.

This A.A. with Emphasis degree gives you the credits you need to transfer with junior-year status to a baccalaureate program at a Minnesota State university. Your education at Inver Hills will be the wind at your back on your sprint to future academic and career success.

History Career Paths

History interprets change reactions.

Only a fraction of history majors become professional historians, but most grads with history degrees go on to launch successful careers in any number of fields, working as attorneys, diplomats, librarians, business leaders, authors, archivists, researchers, journalists, educators, politicians, and more.

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