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Studying math at Inver Hills is not only smart, but also a fun and exciting way to enhance your analytical and problem-solving skills while broadening your career options.

From a practical standpoint, maybe Nikolai Lobachevsky, the Russian mathematician, said it best: "There is no branch of mathematics, however abstract, which may not some day be applied to phenomena of the real world."

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Why Study Mathematics at Inver Hills?

Find your rhyme and reason in math.

As a mathematics student at Inver Hills, you will acquire a deeper appreciation for a field Albert Einstein called the “poetry of logical ideas.” As your skill set strengthens and you apply the power of math more and more in your daily life and career pursuits, you will find that you have developed the lifelong attitude of an inquisitive, resourceful mathematician.

Math is everywhere you go.

Complex, universal systems like healthcare, business, marketing, science, manufacturing, defense, pro and college sports, entertainment, and transportation are made for mathematical analysis. The skills you acquire studying math are a welcome addition to any workplace.

Amplify your intellect.

Delving into your math studies will outfit you with full range of intellectual tools. You’ll learn to calculate with authority, grasp fundamental and abstract concepts, and boost your learning power. In fact, studying math has been proven to be a springboard for increasing your overall intelligence.

Safety in numbers.

Studying math at Inver Hills means you will receive one-on-one instruction from student-centric math faculty who prioritize teaching above research, something you probably won't encounter at a research university. The student support system provided by our Math department is second to none.

Tackle math in your own way.

You can take both pre-college and college-level courses at Inver Hills. Our Math department also offers courses that meet the review standards of Quality Matters™ as excellent examples of online instruction. An international, collaborative organization, Quality Matters (QM) developed quality assurance processes that improve and certify the design of online and blended courses.

Boost your odds for success.

Need a math requirement for your degree or program of study? Find your smartest route forward by considering our new math co-requisite options in Statistics and Algebra. Co-requisite courses not only shorten your journey so you can get through college-level math more quickly, but you’ll also receive extra support designed to power you through any math problem you encounter.

Crunch the right numbers.

Mathematics is the study of quantity, structure, space, and change, which are factors found in every branch of science and all the professions. Because the material world speaks most eloquently in numbers, math unfolds as immersive, essential, instrumental, and often enlightening in fields like political science, business, sociology, ecology, psychology, history, finance, jurisprudence, economics, medicine, and the list goes on.

Round up to an advanced degree.

Our Transfer Pathway A.A. gives you the credits you need to transfer with junior-year status to a mathematics baccalaureate program at one of seven Minnesota State universities. You don’t have to do the math to know your education at Inver Hills can be your lottery ticket to future academic and career success.

Mathematics Career Paths

Mathematics is the foundation of everything.

Mastering math is one way to play moneyball with your own career. Occupations based on concrete math skills include research analyst ($83,000+ annual salary), statistician ($88,000+ annual salary), actuary ($102,000+ annual salary), and data scientist ($121,000+ annual salary). That list just scratches the surface of your promising career options as a math major.

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