Career Opportunities

Music is an exceptionally competitive industry that moves faster than the speed of sound. As a career aspirant, you need to understand your talents, aptitudes, and goals so that you can easily adapt to incoming trends and emerging technologies.

Career opportunities in the music industry are defined by your commitment and aptitude as a creative professional. Music can be the core focus of numerous career fields from education to entertainment to business. You don’t have to abandon your creativity to make a solid living.

Employment Information

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Potential Job Titles

  • Arranger
  • Producer
  • Orchestrator
  • Composer
  • Film scorer
  • Freelance or staff songwriter
  • Transcriber
  • Conductor
  • MIDI technician
  • Programmer
  • Music sequencer
  • Sound designer
  • Music editor
  • Music supervisor
  • Film adapter
  • Advertising executive
  • Booking agent
  • Business manager
  • Music publisher
  • Personal manager
  • Professional manager
  • Choir director
  • Music educator
  • Music professor
  • Music teacher
  • Private instructor
  • Recording engineer
  • Studio director
  • Music therapist
  • Session musician
  • General business musician
  • Performing artist
  • Orchestra member
  • Background vocalist

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