Office Systems

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Office Systems

Building a strong career with plenty of room for advancement in an office environment demands a comprehensive skill set. As a modern office professional, you will need to be versatile, adaptable, personable, and ready to work as an innovative and responsible team player with a grasp of the big picture.

Why study office systems at Inver Hills?

Acquire the skill range of a high-value office pro.

Your office systems coursework will give the deep training you need to develop the high-demand skills essential for the success of any business, enterprise, or organization.

Keyboarding, technical writing, office internship—we offer it all.

We offer 11 different courses designed to get you up to full speed in any office setting. You’ll master keyboarding, document processing, office procedures, business English, and proofreading on your way to completing courses on legal office procedures, office operations, and supervision.

Roll into the workplace with leading-edge training.

Technology is the mainstay of the modern office environment. Due to automation and organizational reorientation, office professionals rely on technology and their own troubleshooting skills to take on roles once covered by managerial staff. Office work is demanding, fast-paced, team-based, and rewarding.

Office Systems

Office systems pros are the linchpins of business.

Printers, copiers, telephone systems, smartphones, PCs and Macs, Microsoft and Adobe applications, and audiovisual equipment are tools you will learn to master as an office professional. Your competence, grace under pressure, problem-solving skills, and congenial spirit are the most valuable resources any office can have.

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