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Program Overview

Sociology at Inver Hills offers courses that cover a multitude of sociological topics, including deviance, social inequality, family, gender identities, the environment, religion, and genocide. Coursework forms the basis of the Sociology Transfer Pathway A.A. and satisfies the requirements for five Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC) Goal Areas.

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Why Study Sociology at Inver Hills?

Society isn’t always high or polite.

According to the American Sociological Association (ASA), sociology is the study of society. As a student in our Sociology program, you will explore sociological concepts from every angle. You’ll learn how sociologists analyze relationships, family, religion, gender, sexuality, class, race, deviance, inequality, education, economics, government, genocide, and the environment.

Takes more than pillars to make a society.

Sociology never stands still. That’s because human behavior is always adapting and evolving. As a sociology student, you’ll roll from analyzing brief contacts between anonymous individuals to investigating social processes on a global scale. Shifting horizons and mercurial change are the meat and potatoes of sociology.

Sociology goes everywhere.

Looking to learn how crime, culture, media, politics, group identity, and just about anything works? Sociology isn’t shy about going anywhere people go. Discovering new human realities is the heart’s-blood of this social science.

Skill up for your future.

Pick any career path and you’ll find employers seeking people with transferable skills. Studying sociology gives you a full complement of in-demand skills focused on analysis, research, writing and presenting, problem-solving, leadership, statistical reasoning, cultural awareness, interpersonal relationships, critical thinking, creativity, and more. You’ll have the dexterity and competence to meet any moment.

Study any discipline.

Sociology can examine the inner mechanisms of virtually any discipline in any field, including the performing arts, visual arts, history, language and literature, the law, philosophy, theology, other social sciences such as anthropology and economics, biology, physics, education, engineering—the list goes on. You’ll have the flexibility to delve into sociological issues in the area that most sparks your interest.

Don’t worry, there’s a scientific method to our madness.

As a sociology major you will learn how to state your question, propose your theory, and then construct a rigorous lab or field experiment to grill your hypothesis. Point being, you’ll learn how to use your findings and new understanding to create evidence-based strategies that can tackle problems and make a real difference in people’s lives.

Specialties are our specialty.

Need to find your ideal niche? Lucky for you, sociology is a field with nearly more specialties than apples have varieties. You’ve got analytical, applied, behavioral, collective, comparative, cultural, historical, medical, military, policy, structural, theoretical, and many more. Find out which one resonates the most with you.

Sociology at Inver Hills can be your stairway to success.

Our Transfer Pathway A.A. gives you the credits you need to transfer with junior-year status to a sociology baccalaureate program at a Minnesota State university. Your education at Inver Hills will propel you forward on your academic and career travels.

Sociology Career Paths

Study the social consequences of human behavior.

As a sociology major you will explore human interactions at a variety of levels. You'll investigate the life journeys of single individuals, families, income and ethnic groups, and vast societies. The human world is incredibly complex.

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