Special Education Foundations

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Program Overview

Special education teachers provide transformative experiences for young learners by combining communication, organization, and instructional skills to create individualized learning opportunities (IEPs).

You can change lives by becoming a teacher. You will guide your students through the process of becoming independent individuals with both academic and social skills.

Whether you aspire to educate people as a teacher, administrator, school counselor, psychologist, corporate trainer, or professor, our Education degree programs will help you get where you want to go.

Earning your A.S. Transfer Pathway in Special Education Foundations at Inver Hills saves you both time and money as you progress toward your goal to earn a bachelor's degree at a four-year school along with a recommendation for teacher licensure.

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Why Major in Special Education Foundations at Inver Hills?

Find your perfect teaching trajectory.

Earning an A.S. degree in one of our Education programs at Inver Hills prepares you for the teaching field through a series of preprofessional introductory courses and recommended electives. The curriculum offers opportunities for you to absorb occupational knowledge, engage in reflection, and understand culturally relevant approaches to instruction while becoming immersed in classroom experiences at area schools.

Teachers make the whole world go round.

Faculty in our Education department believe strongly in the critical importance of the teaching profession. Our comprehensive, top-quality, preprofessional curricula facilitate equal access to relevant, upper-division teacher education licensure programs. The courses also provide staff development opportunities for urban educators.

Special education creates strong connections for students who need our help the most.

UNICEF reports that roughly 93 million children in our world have been diagnosed with some type of disability. More than half those children fail to find opportunities to attend school of any kind. As a special education teacher, you will be the bridge that leads your students to a better life.

Turn your compassion into an auspicious career.

The A.S. in Special Education Foundations Transfer Pathway gives you a solid base for a career in the teaching field. This A.S. degree prepares you for transfer with junior-year status to a four-year college or university so you can complete your bachelor’s degree and obtain subsequent recommendation for teacher licensure.

Adaptability, inventiveness, intuitiveness, and empathy are your core traits.

Special education teachers need to be alert and proactive to really help their students learn. Your mission is providing a quality education in line with the unique needs of your students, which means you need to bring your A-game to the classroom.

Earn your A.A. degree while you’re at it.

You also have the potential to earn an Associate of Arts (A.A.), our college’s #1 transfer degree, when you complete two 1-credit courses, Physical Education and Health.

Kick-start your teaching role with a certificate.

Our 30-credit Child Care Teacher certificate allows you to develop the knowledge and skills you’ll need to obtain employment in early childhood, preschool, and other child-learning settings as a child care teacher. You’ll study theory and techniques while learning how to grasp the realities of a career focused on caring for the needs of children.

Teaching Career Paths

Bring creativity and compassion to your work.

Special education teachers assess the skills and capacities of their students before determining the scope of their educational needs.

Special education teachers know how to adapt lesson plans and develop individualized education programs (IEPs) for each student. Specific activities are designed with the goal to align with student abilities and concerns.

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