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ENGR 1000  Orientation to Engineering   1.0 cr
Course Outline for ENGR 1000

Provides information on engineering majors and engineering functions, aptitudes and skills engineers need, the Inver Hills A.S Engineering Fundamentals program, and programs at transfer institutions. Topics also include essential skills for academic and career success, importance of professional networking, and ethics in engineering practice. Recommended for any student considering engineering or wanting to explore engineering as a career choice.

ENGR 1110  Introduction to Engineering   4.0 cr
Course Outline for ENGR 1110

Introduces students to the fundamentals of engineering in a multidisciplinary setting. Topics include introduction to: applied mechanics and machine elements, elements of electric circuits, electronics, and electrical devices, micro-controller programming, fundamental concepts of metrology, use of programming software for problem solving, and fundamentals of engineering graphics using a 3-D modeling software. Students will learn engineering design process and basics of technical communication by engaging in collaborative engineering project(s) involving fabrication and product dissection, writing a brief design report, and a final project presentation. A student who has passed ENGR 1100 and ENGR 1101 with a grade of C or higher will not be awarded credit for taking this course. Pre-requisites: a grade of C or higher in MATH 1119 or 1127 or higher; a grade of C or higher in READ 0090 or placement into READ 0093/0094 or ENG 1108. ENGR 1000 recommended.

ENGR 2000  Thermodynamics   4.0 cr
Course Outline for ENGR 2000

Provides a foundation for analyzing mechanics of heat using a macroscopic approach. Topics include: continuum hypothesis, properties, equations of state, thermodynamic processes, modes of work and heat transfer, equations for conservation of mass, equations for conservation of energy, equations for conservation of entropy, basic thermodynamic cycles, thermodynamic systems, thermodynamics of ideal gas mixtures, and adiabatic flame temperature. Prereq: Grade of C or higher in MATH 1133 and CHEM 1061. PHYS 1081 strongly recommended.

ENGR 2020  Statics   3.0 cr
Course Outline for ENGR 2020

Provides training in engineering analysis of rigid objects in static equilibrium. Topics include: Resultants of force systems, equilibrium, analysis of forces acting on structural and machine elements, friction, center of mass, and second moments. Prerequisites: A grade of C or higher in PHYS 1081 and MATH 1133.

ENGR 2024  Mechanics of Materials   3.0 cr
Course Outline for ENGR 2024

Provides the foundation necessary for design of machine elements and structures. Topics include: stress, strain, linear elasticity and Hooke's law, shear force, bending moment, stresses and deflection of beams, statically indeterminate beams, axially loaded members and shafts, buckling of columns, torsion of circular shafts, analysis of stress and strain, and Mohr's circle. Prereq: ENGR 2020.

ENGR 2025  Dynamics   3.0 cr
Course Outline for ENGR 2025

Studies kinematics of particles, systems of particles and rigid bodies. Studies kinetics of plane motion, work-energy, linear and angular impulse-momentum principles, vibrations. Prereq: ENGR 2020, MATH 1134.

ENGR 2041  Linear Circuits I   4.0 cr
Course Outline for ENGR 2041

Studies Kirchhoffs Laws, mesh and nodal analysis, source transformation and superposition, Thevenin and Norton equivalents, natural and step responses of RL, RC, and RLC circuits, sinusoidal steady state analysis, and operational amplifier circuits. Prerequisites: Grade of C or higher in MATH 1134 and PHYS 1082.

ENGR 2042  Linear Circuits II   4.0 cr
Course Outline for ENGR 2042

Continues analytical techniques for linear circuits. Topics include circuit analysis using phasors, single phase and three phase, AC power, delta and wye connected three phase circuits, transformers and magnetic coupling, series and parallel resonance, complex power and frequency, and two port networks such as transistors. Prerequisites: A grade of C or higher in ENGR 2041

ENGR 2043  Introduction to Digital Circuits and Logic Design   4.0 cr
Course Outline for ENGR 2043

Provides an introduction to digital logic and logic design. Topics include binary systems, logic gates, Boolean algebra and functions, Karnaugh map, design of combinational and sequential logic circuits, adders, decoders, multiplexers, comparator counters, registers and memories. Students cannot receive credit for both ENGR 1060 and ENGR 2043. Prerequisites: A grade of C or higher in ENGR 2041, or consent of instructor.

ENGR 2250  Special Topics in Engineering   cr
Course Outline for ENGR 2250

Provides an opportunity for deeper exploration of special topics in engineering or undergraduate research experience in engineering.