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Writing Center
Phone: 651-450-3598
Location: Library - 2nd Floor

Peer Tutoring
LouAnn Oppitz
Phone: 651-450-3693
Location: Library, Room 244
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Smarthinking (Online Tutoring)
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Smarthinking Customer Support:
Toll-free: 888-430-7429 ext. 1

Math Center
Phone: 651-450-3895
Location: Library - 2nd floor

Alicia Atwater
Student Support Services Advisor
Phone: 651-450-3558
Office: CC-255

Tutoring Services

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Inver Hills Community College offers a wide range of free tutoring services to its students, all catered to meet different types of students so no group is left without the proper assistance. Below you can find some general information on these services provided, to see which may fit best for you, and if you have any questions or wish to take advantage of the services provided by the school, then feel free to use the contact information provided on this page to learn more or enroll in a particular service.

Peer Tutoring

Peer tutoring is a service offered by Inver Hills to assist its students in reaching academic achievements through peer tutors, students that are also currently studying at Inver Hills. Peer tutoring is free to all Inver Hills students regardless of financial status or achievement level, and most classes taught at Inver Hills are available for tutoring. Any student is free to sign up for peer tutoring from the second week of the semester to one week prior to final exams, and sign ups are available online or at the peer tutoring office on the second floor of the library. Peer tutoring is used by a wide range of students across Inver Hills from a variety of backgrounds.

Peer Tutoring webpage

Writing Center

The Writing Center is a free resource available to any Inver Hills student who needs individual tutoring for their writing ability, or a particular assignment. Tutors guide students in the correct path with their writing skills, teaching them the critical skills they need to succeed in the class and further their own writing skills. All levels of writing are assisted, but the Writing Center is not for simply fixing up papers to be handed in. Rather, the tutoring services provided are meant to help you become your own editor and be able to do the work by yourself after enough practice. In addition, there is e-mail tutoring for students that would like to ask questions. Feel free to come by the writing center on the second floor of the library if you ever have questions about the services provided, or would like to have assistance in your writing. 

Writing Center webpage


Smarthinking is an online tutoring service available to all Inver Hills students. Smarthinking allows students to get one on one tutoring and receive feedback about one of their essays or reports without the need to potentially drive long distances or work around difficult schedules just to get assistance in a tough class. Any essay or report, for any class, can be submitted and Smarthinking will be able to help any student!

Smarthinking online tutoring.

Math Center

At Inver Hills Community College, we have a free tutoring service for students needing help with math.

Instructors, paraprofessionals, and student tutors are available to answer any questions and provide assistance on how to study. Tutors and students can work together independently or in small groups, depending on the preference of that student. The Math Center has a wide variety of resources that the students can access, including solution manuals, study guides, tests with answer keys and so much more! The Math Center is located on the second level of the Library Building, feel free to stop by and ask any questions that you may have.

Math Center webpage.

Tutors Linked to Class (TLC)

Tutors linked to class are a tutoring system focused primarily on math, but is also available in certain science based courses such as Biology. These tutors are able to sit in classes and conduct workshops with the students. Through this, students will receive additional information to better succeed with the course, and the tutors will be able to follow the class material with the students to get a better idea where they are sitting. If students need additional assistance, they are also allowed to make appointments with TLC tutors for the class in question. Students will develop ways to achieve goals and successfully learn the material in a way that helps them to become a better student. If you're interested in TLC tutoring, then look for TLC when you sign up for your next Math or Science course.

TRiO Student Support Services

TRiO offers its own unique tutoring services to those currently part of the TriO program at Inver Hills. TRiO tutoring offers help where students need it most, and along with teaching students the information necessary for their classes, TRiO tutoring also teaches Inver Hills students essential information such as good study skills and learning habits.

Learn how TRiO can assist you or contact a TRiO advisor today.